IoT-A final review

IoT-A final review

The final review meeting was held on December 5-6, 2013 in Rome. The review result is briefed by Heinz-Guenter Kuelzhammer (VDI/VDE):

The team of external experts expressed gratitude and happiness to share the strong vision of the IoT-A project during it’s lifetime and concluded together with the project officer Dr. Peter Friess:

The IoT-A entirely confirmed it’s flagship status as being a European Lighthouse Integrated Project !

The reviewers:

– congratulated the IoT-A consortium for the “very good team work” and

– on the “very good achievements” and “excellent results”.

– attested our Architectural Reference Model the attribute “product”.

– were convinced by the viability of the demonstrated use cases

– praised the intense stakeholder interaction.

– valued the disruptive marketing efforts of IoT-A.”