PCB Design


CSE offers PCB design services, based on more than twenty five years of working experience. The design services target a wide range of diverse products and application areas (commercial, industrial, military/aerospace) and it is based in the use of advanced CAD tools. Our goal is always to provide cost effective solutions that will handle the specified electrical and environmental requirements of our valuable customers.

Fill the PCB Design Quotation form and get a reply (within 12 Hrs) on the cost and the time required.

The main areas of PCB design expertise covers:

  • Single side, double side or Multilayer PCBs
  • Rigid, flexible PCBs
  • Standard (PCI/PCIe, PMC, VME, SIMM etc.) and custom form factors
  • Standard peripherals and networking interfaces (PCI/PCIe, Ethernet, USB etc.)
  • High speed, Controlled impedance, Matched-Lengths, Differential pairs
  • Analog front-end interfaces
  • Analog and noise sensitive circuits
  • High current, high voltage circuits
  • xBGA, QFN, fine pitch, high density devices
  • Complex power planes
  • Blind and buried vias
  • Complex design rules
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Design for Testability


Our toolset includes the PADS suite, with:

  • Hypelynx Analog, for schematic level SPICE analysis
  • Hypelynx Linesim, for schematic level signal integrity analysis
  • Hypelynx Boardsim, for board level signal integrity analysis
  • Hypelynx Thermal, for board level thermal analysis 
The PCB design and development services include the following:


CAD Library creation

Schematics entry

Layout Design

Signal Integrity and EMI checking

Thermal analysis

Preparation of the minimum set of Manufacturing Data Package

Design & Development reviews

PCB Design Flow

Crative Systems Engineering

Crative Systems Engineering

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