CSE is currently in the development phase of a stand-alone Latch Current Limiter (LCL) mainly for use in Space ATEs and in demanding laboratory where fast overcurrent protection is vital for the EUT.

The main features of the CSE LCL are presented in the following list:

  • Covers LCL classes 0.5 to 10
  • Programmable Overcurrent limitation
  • Programmable Maximum overcurrent
  • Programmable Response time (currently from 3us to 50us)
  • Programmable Trip time
  • Voltage output: up to 51V
  • Voltage drop (from input to output) ≤0.3V
  • Programmable undervoltage protection response time (currently from 50us to 50ms)
  • Output current rise rate (during load-on) restricted to ≤1A/us
  • Output ripple <0.5%p-p at 0-1MHz
  • Output galvanically isolated from the system’s GND
  • Unconditionally stable at any capacitive load
  • Stable at inductive loads at least up to ≤250uH
  • Remote control and monitoring functions
    • ON/OFF command
    • LCL characteristics programming
    • Active/tripped status
    • Current measurement
    • Voltage measurement
  • USB and Ethernet interfaces
  • Front panel MMI
    • ON/OFF command
    • LCL characteristics programming through keypad/switches
    • Voltage display
    • Current display
    • Active/tripped indication
  • POST (Power ON Self Test)
  • RoHS, EMC (IEC 61326-1) and Safety (IEC 61010-1) Compliance
  • Powered by 110/220VAC mains
  • Bench and 19” Rack mounted options
  • Support of parallel operation
FAI is expected end of Q4/2017. Product Q2/2018.
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