CSE continuously invests in R&D activities through EU (FP-7, H2020) and government funded programs.

The main focus of the R&D activities in CSE is to enhance the capabilities and competiveness of the company to both niche and mass markets by keeping-up with new technologies, processes and tools, while gaining valuable experiences through the co-operation with its partners.

CSE is currently involved in the following EU (H2020) funded projects:



5G network slicing could be considered as one of the most important innovations in communications of the decade due to its role in maximizing network resource sharing, optimizing flexibility to meet diverging requirements from diverse vertical businesses and upgrading operational capabilities to offer configurable warranties in Quality of Service (QoS) and/or Quality of Experience (QoE). This will open a significant number of new markets and enable a wide range of demanding, divergent and innovative use cases.

SliceNet intends to meet the challenging requirements from the management and control planes of network slicing across multiple administrative domains, facilitating early and smooth adoption of 5G slices for verticals to achieve their demanding use cases, and managing the QoE for slice services.




The SELFNET project will design and implement an autonomic network management framework to achieve self-organizing capabilities in managing network infrastructures by automatically detecting and mitigating a range of common network problems that are currently still being manually addressed by network operators, thereby significantly reducing operational costs and improving user experience. SELFNET explores a smart integration of state-of-the-art technologies in Software-Defined Networks (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Self-Organizing Networks (SON), Cloud computing,

In the framework of the SELFNET Project (H2020), CSE will contribute to the design and development of the NFV and SDN Application Manager as well as to the definition of the semantics language for enabling formal expression of the autonomic strategies.




The DORA project designs and establishes an integrated information system that helps passengers to optimise their travel from the origin of their travel to the airplane at the departing airport as well as from the arrival airport to their final destination. Thus the DORA integrated information system created within the project together with necessary software platforms and end user applications supports the reduction of the overall time needed for a typical European air travel, including the time required for the transfer to and from the airports.

In the framework of the DORA Project (H2020), C.S.E. will contribute mainly to the Technical Evaluation of the project outcomes as well as in the Implementation of Indoor Location Infrastructure and Techniques.