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Privacy Policy

C.S.E. shall protect the privacy of any personal information that you may share with us while using our website. To this respect we present our understanding on privacy issues.


The herein stated Privacy Policy applies to all personal information collected or used by the C.S.E. website.

Personal Data

In some pages of the C.S.E. site www.creativese.eu, personal information may be requested (e.g. for online quotation). Upon entering the requested personal information, you voluntarily provide us with information of you. Once you are registered you are no longer anonymous to C.S.E. – you are given a customer ID and you are able to take advantage of C.S.E.’s site contents.

Purpose of Use

C.S.E. does not collect personal information for internal use (e.g. market analysis, customer profiles). The main goal of the company is to provide as much support on its customers as possible. CSE neither analyze nor sell your data. CSE does not hold nor maintain a dedicated database from data entries through its website.

Safety of personal data

C.S.E. does not distribute your personal information to third parties nor stores your data to means that are accessible through the internet. Nonetheless, C.S.E. accepts no responsibility regarding the security of data that are exchanged through emails via the internet.


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